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Becoming the Hero

Dearest Yogis & Yoginis,

Welcome to this online space where my intention is to provide a platform for authentic, loving, and thought-provoking conversations around living the teachings of Yoga in practical and transformative ways.

As I share what I have learned and am currently practicing, I will often refer to the inspiring individuals that I have had the privilege of studying under. Yoga is based on a lineage system, where students and teachers work one-on-one to instill wisdom, provide perspective, and prescribe individualized practices. Katie Allen, my Teacher, is the co-owner of Be the Change Yoga, the first donation based studio in Irvine, California. Her Teacher, Robert Birnberg, was introduced to Yoga in 1972 and has studied with TKV Desikachar in the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Much of my understanding of the Yoga Sutras comes from Robert’s teaching, and I will lovingly refer to Robert as my Grand-Teacher in my writing.

Robert has many poignant ways of describing Yoga, one of which is that Yoga is becoming the hero of your life. We have a choice: we can choose to be the victim of our circumstances, and believe the lie that we are passive recipients of life − experiences, or we can make a decision to assert our power where we do have some control over our own attitudes, choices, and habits.

Continue reading to hear how I am going about this work of becoming the hero of my own life, and play along. Explore new ways of thinking and being, and share what you learn along the way!

From my heart to yours,