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Upgrade Your Goal-Setting Strategy by Avoiding These 2 Pitfalls

Before we dive into the strategy for joyful goal setting, let me say that I am genuinely excited to connect with you. It may sound trite, but because you are reading this, I know that you have a desire to create positive change through the practice of Yoga, and nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by others that are on this same path!


As we learn from our Yoga practice, our mind has the power to greatly influence our experiences, and goal setting is no exception. It’s no surprise, then, that our mind can either be our greatest asset in setting strategic goals, or it can be our greatest hinderace.


Pitfall #1: Using goal setting as another opportunity to measure your worth externally


We can either approach goals from a place of fear or love, and respectively, can either create more joy or more frustration.


Pitfall #2: Creating goals that are outcome oriented


Viveka to determine what we can and cannot control. Yoga is about being the hero of your life, but that doesn’t mean that we can dictate how events unfold etc


Events + Response = Outcome


You can influence the outcome by changing your response! However, we don’t have a magic wand to create the exact outcomes that we want. What we do have is the art of Bhavana. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between lived experience and imagined experience.



How to Approach the New Year with Confidence (and Leave Shame Behind)

“New Year, New You” is a catchy phrase we hear so often in January…and today I’m here to pull the covers and call “bullsh!$”

There are two reasons why this whole mindset is rubbish:

For starters, you are not broken! So many industries thrive on you believing the lie that you are unworthy, incomplete, or unlovable in your current condition. Imagine how many companies would go out of business if we all decided to believe that we are worth of love exactly as we are in this moment? As long as you believe there is something in you in need of “fixing,” there will always be lack.

Secondly, you can create change at any moment! The whole premise of our Yoga practice is that we have the opportunity to continually reflect and refine how we show up, on and off the mat. Why wait?

Dive into the specifics of rewiring our mindset around creating change in this week’s Sunday Sutras. You won’t want to miss the guided meditation at the end – it will change your day!

Cheers to creating change, from a place of love!