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Reiki: What is it & How Can it Serve You?

If you live in a community of Yogis, it is likely that you have at least heard of Reiki. When I first heard about Reiki years ago, I had a hard time conceptualizing such a seemingly abstract practice. Once I experienced Reiki first hand, it clicked for me and I fell in love.

Knowing how special the practice can be, and how difficult it can be to understand, allow me an attempt at describing Reiki in as much simplicity as possible so you can decide if you want to pursue an experience for yourself and learn more!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that works on both a physical and subconscious level. It is based on the principle that there is a life force energy, called “Ki,” that moves through all living things and is necessary for optimal health. According to this way of see the world, physical, emotional, and mental illness or obstacles are symptoms of a lack of Ki flowing freely.

Reiki is an incredibly relaxing experience for both practitioner and student and pairs beautifully with massage, acupuncture, asana and even skin care! If you want the most blissful facial of your life, you definitely want to check out Robin Marie in Orange County, California!

Reiki & Yoga

Although it is not connected to Yoga in any way, the principles of Reiki and Yoga align so cohesively that it has become common for these two tools to be used together in the pursuit of holistic health.

Both practices are founded on an understanding that we have many layers to our being and the physical body is only one aspect of the Self. Both modalities use a model of seeing the energy body as having multiple centers (Chakras) through which life force (Ki in Reiki or Prana in Yoga) flows and restores the natural functions of the body, heart, and spirit, thus promoting self-healing and self-realization.

The difference for me between the two healing methods is that the healing I have experienced through Yoga has occurred primarily on a mental level whereas Reiki has helped me heal the more subtle, subconscious, energetic wounds I’ve carried.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki attunement is when Ki is transferred from master to pupil in different degrees or stages. During this process, Reiki is transmitted into all seven major chakras, or energy centers, as well as the hands. At this point the pupil becomes a healer; a channel through which Reiki energy will flow.

When a practitioner has been attuned, he or she is able to facilitate the flow of Ki by “laying hands” on a client. Reiki flows into the healer’s crown chakra through the third eye, throat, and heart chakras and then into the palms. The energy flows from the healer’s palms into a person or object providing them with great life force and love. No matter how Reiki is shared, master-to-pupil or practitioner-to-client, Reiki will restore the natural functions of the body, heart, and spirit, thus promoting self-healing and self-realization. Reiki brings balance and health.

Thank You Suri

What I understand about Reiki and the healing I have experienced is all thanks to my Reiki Master Suriderpal “Suri” Kaur. You can learn more about Suri and her special ability to facilitate healing at or connect on Facebook & Instagram.