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In my years working with Yogis & Yoga Teachers, I have learned that the most effective approach to creating sustainable change is within a one-on-one relationship where there is clarity, consistency, and compassion. 

With this in mind, I created a 8 Week Mentorship Program where I meet with students on a weekly basis to provide maximum support and impact. The goal of this program is to use Yoga Philosophy as a framework to evaluate your current habits, identify areas of growth, and create customized practices for minimizing suffering and maximizing joy!

Here is a brief overview of the themes for each session:

WEEK 1 – Clarify the nature of the Yoga Sutras & define Yoga using the Prana-Agni-Mala model

 WEEK 2 - Evaluate current habits using the Yjana Model and identify area(s) of focus

 WEEK 3 – Use Kriya Yoga to create a Tapas for sustainable change

WEEK 4 – Explore the Panchamaya Model to better understand the impact of habits at all layers of the Self

WEEK 5 - Establish a personalized daily practice to sustain Prana

WEEK 6 – Create a Bhavana for ideal lifetstyle, relationship or career

 WEEK 7 – Examine which Klesas are present and creating barriers for growth

 WEEK 8 – Celebrate growth and reflect on challenges to inform next steps

 This program provides the ideal structure, frequency, and duration to ensure you gain the tools you’re looking for and have time to practice implementing new habits with my encouragement. 

The cost of the entire program is $800.00. This includes the 8 one hour sessions, a workbook used for self study work, as well a weekly 15 minute phone call check-in as desired.