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Thanks to my yoga practice, my experience of natural birth was empowering and healing!

My Yoga Birth Story Part I

The story of Ginny’s fierce and serene birth begins before conception…

My husband Dan and I had been a family for four years already, although we weren’t yet married. We lovingly coparented our daughter Thea, although she is not biologically related to Dan. Over the years we discussed back and forth the idea of creating a child together and how that might impact our relationship and Thea’s life. There came a time where we decided to open our hearts to the possibility of expanding our family, knowing full well that conception is beyond our control. Without expectation, I consciously stopped refilling my birth control prescription and let go, knowing that we had already been blessed beyond measure to be parents of a healthy daughter.

Then, life was flipped upside down by one phone call. My dearest friend, my chosen sister that I have spent my life alongside, tragically and unexpectedly lost her sweet husband, Justin. She was pregnant with their rainbow baby that they had waited patiently for, and she was beside herself in agony. I flew out to be with her as she reeled from the million ways her life had changed. 

When I returned home, I made an appointment with my doctor to get back on birth control and put pregnancy on pause for the time being. Then I received another call: my sweet Stevie was losing her baby. Again, I rushed to be by her side and sat with her while she grieved like I had never seen before. 

It was that second trip that I realized I had missed my period. 

“This can’t be happening. That would just be cruel!” I thought to myself. 

Once back in Cali, I went to my doctor appointment, got my birth control, and went home. I thought it was strange that I wasn’t given a pregnancy test and wanted to be sure before I started back on my regimen, so alone in my bathroom I took a test. 


I lost my breath. I wept.

“Oh my God! My Stevie!” The words flew out of my mouth.

You see, Stevie was there the first time I took a positive pregnancy nine years prior. I had “accidentally” been granted a gift that countless women pray for and agonize over month after month. I had watched Stevie walk a painful fertility journey, and knew how her soul longed to experience this joy with Justin. 

Now, once again, without struggle, I was blessed with a baby.

I was excited! This was a brand new experience. The first time I was pregnant, I was a teenager and it was “shameful.” The announcements I made were dreaded and met with judgement and concern. I needed to celebrate this new life for the miracle it is! I wanted to shout for joy, but I hesitated because I knew how painful this news would be to the one person who had walked beside me my whole life.

Instead of being swept away by confusion and fear, I chose to dive into faith — Shradha. I chose to trust the bizarre timing of this blessing and allow myself to be guided by my Higher Power — Isvara Pranidhana. I relaxed into my mantra “It is well with my soul.”

I knew what I had to do. I felt like I had a dagger hidden in my pocket as I picked up the phone. As soon as she answered I spit it out like ripping off a bandaid. There was no better way to do it. 

We sobbed. We said “I love you” and ended the brutality quickly.

The next few weeks were beyond hard. I deserved to celebrate this blessing and she deserved to grieve her losses. So that is just what we did. We loved each other through the awkwardness and gave each other plenty of space to have our feelings.

This is true friendship: to hold each other’s hand through thick and thin while honoring the other’s unique journey.

Thanks to our unconditional love, Stevie was present at my wedding on the three month anniversary of Justin’s passing. She was at my baby shower months later, and she agreed to be by my side when I welcomed baby Ginny into the world.

That was a great day….

Kelsey Delane

Kelsey Delane (she/her) E-RYT500, RYPT, YACEP With over a decade of teaching experience & well over 1000 hours of formal training in the fields of yoga & birth, Kelsey Delane has become one of Orange County’s leading teacher trainers & birth educators. Her heart’s desire is to de-mystify the time-tested wisdom of Yoga and to hold the hand of her students while they explore new ways of being in their body, heart and mind. Kelsey's especially passionate about pregnancy & birth because of the power these thresholds hold to radically transform both individuals & society at large. She's committed to using her layers of privilege to create a world where all birthing people have access to the wraparound resources for wellbeing on all layers of Self.

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Cathy - May 31, 2018

Kelsey, if only I could express the beauty of your friendship with Stevie. Everything you two have been through over the years has been preparing you both for this chapter in your lives and you have met her sorrow and your joy with Grace, maturity, honesty, sensitivity, vulnerability, profound understanding, unconditional love, selflessness, steadfast devotion & dependability and I could go on…I love you so much and I love the true, beautiful, abiding friendship you guys share.

    Kelsey Delane - May 31, 2018

    Thank you for raising such a special woman! My friendship with Stevie is a priceless treasure <3

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