Online Sutras Course - Kelsey Delane Yoga
Yogis and Yoga teachers alike can benefit so much from the study and implementatino of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali!

Yoga Wisdom

for modern life

In this one of a kind lifestyle course, we will use the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a framework to create sustainable changes. Once we establish a foundational understanding of Yoga Philosophy, our study begins with unpacking strategies for creating health and happy relationships; an integral part of wellness. We then explore the body and the many tools to support vitality. Finally, we unpack strategies for better understanding the mind, and using this understanding to become the hero of your life!

Module 1: Now Begins the Study of Yoga

Lesson 1.1 Setting the Stage

Lesson 1.2 Understanding Yoga Philosophy

Lesson 1.3 Using the Waste Removal System

Module 2: Nurturing Your Relationships

Lesson 2.1 The Yamas: Relationship Skills

Lesson 2.2 How to Make Requests

Lesson 2.3 Setting Healthy Boundaries

Lesson 2.4 Responding to Others

Module 3: Balancing Your Body

Lesson 3.1 Using Asana with Intention

Lesson 3.2 Choosing Nourishing Food

Lesson 3.3 How to Regulate Your Energy 

Module 4: Mastering Your Mind

Lesson 4.1 How to Harness Your Senses

Lesson 4.2 Exploring the Subtle Limbs

Lesson 4.3 The 5 Kleśas: Mental Afflictions

Lesson 4.4 Creating Mental Clarity


This $197 program includes:

  • 14 Video Lessons
  • Svadyaya Journal: An in-depth workbook that parallels each lesson 
  • Sutras Reference Guide detailing all 195 sutras in English, plus a summary of Chapters & key learnings
  • Access to our private Facebook community where you can receive support from me as well as other students along the same journey of self-discovery

The aim of this course is to address the confusion and overwhelm typically experienced by yoga students and teachers who are looking to learn more about Yoga off the mat. In breaking down the ancient teachings of Yoga in terms that are relatable to the everyday Yogi, my goal is to help you craft an understanding of the practice that you can use to support yourself and share with others.

 After you complete this course you will know what the Yoga Sutras are and how to use them to inform you choices personally and professionally. You will have the skills to communicate your needs in all of your relationships, make choices that support your whole self, cope with anxiety, depression and negative thought patterns, and be able to create classes and customize your own practice with clarity and intention.

 This is a self-paced course & you have unlimited access for the lifetime of the course.