Pregnancy & birth services

Becoming a parent is a spiritual journey that begins long before you welcome your baby into your arms. Yoga provides a roadmap for navigating pregnancy, birth and beyond with confidence, wisdom & joy!

Learn specific meditation techniques, movement practices and guided visualizations for a serene birth experience. Partners who plan to attend birth are encouraged to attend and participate. Gain more clarity around your values and options so you can make choices with confidence.

Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy & Birth

Give yourself and your baby the gift of a nourished body, peaceful mind, and open heart. This 6 week course meets for 90 minutes once a week and offers personalized practices to create comfort in your changing body, and prepare yourself for birth and beyond alongside an intimate group of other expectant parents.

Doula Services

As a full spectrum doula, it's my heart's desire to serve birthing people through all stages. I aim to educate & empower through prenatal coaching, labor support, and postnatal care. My wrap around services are intended to provide safety, understanding and nourishment as you walk this sacred journey.

Full Spectrum Doula

As a full spectrum doula, it is my heart's desire to serve birthing people at all stages. This includes prenatal coaching, labor support & postpartum care. This is a precious season of life ~ treat it with intention & extra loving care!

Labor & Delivery

There's no way to be prepared for exactly what birth has in store, but that doesn't mean you need to wing it! Having the help of an knowledgable and compassionate doula present at your birth can make all the difference. Especially when you're doing something for the first time, it's reassuring to have an experienced and educated guide to help you navigate the twist and turns.  

Whether you choose to give birth at home, in a hospital, birthing center or to free birth, my intention is to support you as the captain of your own ship. I aim to help provide clarity, educate you on your options, and align with your personal values so that you feel seen, safe, and supported. This includes hands on comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and more.


I thank God that we had a doula—one I consider a friend and a mentor—that I trusted to listen, guide, and care for my husband and I during that very long night. The most important part of having a doula for me was her guidance on how to empower myself during my birth experience. 

I am a firm believer that having a doula is beyond a luxury. It truly made a potentially traumatic experience into the day we welcomed our daughter safely into our arms.

Zo'e Cole 1st time Mama to Bodie

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