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For thousands of years, Yoga was practiced through a one-to-one relationship between student and teacher. This heart-to-heart connection is the soil in which a Yoga practice can take root and blossom into something beautiful and unique!

Client Testimonials

Kelsey Delane is an exceptional yoga instructor.

I first took her class almost three years ago, and made it a weekly habit as a brand new student. Her messages feel like therapy and her energy fills her classes with warmth. When I started my own teaching journey, she was such a great resource to me. Kelsey provided clear and candid feedback to help me grow as an instructor. Her Sunday sutras are a treat to tune into – she has a wealth of knowledge about forming positive changes and leaving behind what no longer works. She answers tough questions with grace and compassion. It’s been a pleasure working with her as a student, teacher and friend.

Andrea V.

Kelsey is a beautiful human being inside and out.

She is loving, caring, compassionate and full of knowledge on how to lead a true and authentic life. Her honesty and sincerity shine through whether she is lecturing about the yoga sutras or immersing herself in energy healing modalities. Kelsey is exceptionally talented in helping others discover and reconnect to the deeper part of themselves and find answers to life’s everyday challenges.

Liz B.

When I think of Kelsey Delane, I immediately think of someone who practices what they preach.

Kelsey delivers far beyond conventional yoga – she explores and offers a holistic approach to understanding the rich lessons of the yogic tradition. If you’re ready to apply yoga to your life, Kelsey is a profound resource to tap into!

Meghan K.

Kelsey lives and breathes her yoga practice, making her an exceptional teacher and educator.

She knows how to both nurture you and help you grow. Her connection and love for the deeper layers of yoga is evident. She communicates and teaches with such love and devotion. Working with her in the past was a treat!

Steph W.

I am the yogi and yoga teacher today in large part to her guidance, and I will be forever grateful.

The first time I took Kelsey’s class, she had just come back from a week-long break, and shared with her students that she had genuinely missed them. There was a sincerity and wholesomeness to her style of teaching that was present on that day and still holds true today.

Kelsey is unafraid to share her challenges and hard learned lessons, so that others can benefit from that gift. She holds a wealth of knowledge, and is always excited to share ways in finding sustainable joy.

Peter L.

Kelsey brings a deep knowledge of anatomy and physical movement to her yoga teaching.

She infuses her classes with the wisdom of the ancient yogic texts, and holds a caring space for each person to blossom in their own personal practice. Whether your goals are focused more on physical movement, applying the philosophy of yoga to your life or exploring the spirituality of yoga, Kelsey’s approach and teaching will encourage and support you on your journey.

About a year ago I took a relationship class with Kelsey, where she guided us on how to apply the lessons of yoga to our relationships. Since then I’ve tried to apply a few of the approaches in my marriage, and noticed the relationship with my husband improve and our connection deepen. When I first began my journey as a yoga teacher Kelsey gave me opportunities to grow, thoughtful feedback and a wealth of encouragement. She allowed me to find a career I love, and she filled my spirit so I have much to give back to my students.

I have been blessed to know Kelsey as my teacher, manager, colleague and friend. Even with more than 800 hours of yoga teacher training I still learn something new from Kelsey every time I take her class or workshop.

Vanessa H.

Working with Kelsey throughout my Yoga Teacher Training journey has been an absolute pleasure.

Her warm and caring presence was reassuring in times of uncertainty during TT, and her overall knowledge of Yoga is inspiring. After every TT discussion with Kelsey, I felt more confident in myself as a teacher, but also more confident in my own life. Kelsey has a unique way of motivating students to grow and tap deeper into themselves through her honesty, active listening, and her own honest self-reflection that she so openly shares. I couldn’t have asked for a better Teacher Trainer throughout my own journey.

Isa C.

To learn from Kelsey is to redefine your perception of yoga.

Though her classes are always challenging and well-sequenced, she will push your practice so much deeper than physical asana. Kelsey has so much knowledge and such a big heart and opens all of it up to her students. She has helped me grow immensely as a yogi, a teacher, and a person, and I feel so lucky to get to learn more from her every time we interact, whether that’s on my mat or through her Sunday Sutras.

Rebbie B.

I met Kelsey when I was really trying to find myself again and she was amazing.

She was able to break down meditation and the sutras to fit my needs and give me the simple tools I needed to help me on my path. I will never forget the guided meditation she lead me through and how much I about myself in just a few minutes.

Heidi L.

I think the best part of all is that I feel like I’ve finally been given the opportunity to make choices and guide my life in the direction I want it to move!

Kelsey is able to really listen to what I’m struggling with emotionally or even just trying to verbalize and is able to put that into a context that relates to Yoga or the Klesas, for example, and it all just clicks for me. I feel like I’m able to work through some things that I can’t work through on my own, but in a way that doesn’t make me feel like my life is falling apart. I can’t wait to meet again and keep the momentum going!

Coaching Client

Her yoga sutra lectures are great because they are very practical to everyday life.

I’m into the physical aspects of yoga like arm balances but through Kelsey’s lectures, I’ve become more interested in the philosophical aspects of yoga as well.

Peter Luu

Kelsey is a resilient and mindful influencer who has continued to teach me with her persistent outreach across the country with Sunday Sutras!

She teaches to an accessible midline in both asana and philosophy with poetism in the midst of humble relatabilty. She always takes the seat of a student and encourages you at any moment to create change with true steps she has walked and seeks to walk herself. I trust in Kelsey’s consistent study and translation of yoga teachings. Thank you for inspiring us all to expand into our most embodied and capable selves in service.

Savannah E.

I can honestly say that I am both a better yogi & a person for having been her student.

Kelsey Delane is one of those Blue Moons.

Whether it be Asana practice, discussions of Sutras, or the incorporation of yoga into our everyday lives, Kelsey is able to listen & communicate to her students, helping them take their next step forward along their own path.

Even simply watching the path she walks in life is a continuous source of inspiration!

Matthew V.

Kelsey is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted and phenomenal yoga instructors I know.

She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to yoga philosophy and has been the guiding force for me to dive deeper into these philosophies. She truly practices what she teaches and embodies these philosophies!! I remember the first time I attended one of her workshops and I was hooked! You can definitely see and feel that she is so passionate and full of joy when she teaches. I’ve had the pleasure to have Kelsey as one of my coaches throughout my yoga teacher training and I am forever grateful for her guidance. So whether you’re looking to practice the asanas or wanting to dig deeper into the yogic philosophies, Kelsey is your go-to gal!

Melissa G.

Kelsey is an A-MAZING instructor who helps support students not only in their physical practice but also their mental/emotional well being.

I loved taking her classes when I lived in southern CA and when I moved away, she still kept in touch with me because that’s just who she is. She’s authentic and I would happily refer anyone interested in what “yoga” is or wanting to go deeper into their practice to her. Also, her videos are my routine dose of self-care check-in. She know how to deliver yoga in a way that’s relatable and thought provoking. CHECK HER OUT!

Samantha S.

Kelsey is one of the most caring, inspirational and knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Kelsey has truly changed my life by not only introducing me to new ideas and practices, but also supporting me on my journey and giving me the tools to support myself. Whether you’re taking one of her asana classes, listening to her speak about yoga philosophy or meeting with her for a private session (I highly recommend all 3!), Kelsey’s knowledge and personality will inspire you and keep you coming back for more.

Sarah B.

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